Can I do Prenatal Yoga if I have never done Yoga before?

YES!  Yoga benefits the body and mind at any time in life. Many women come to Yoga for the first time during their pregnancy because they have heard it will improve how they feel and help prepare them for labour and birth.  Prenatal Yoga honours the needs and limitations of the pregnant body and all postures can be modified to suit the level of experience you bring to the practice.

When should I start Prenatal Yoga?

You can start prenatal Yoga at any time during the pregnancy. The sooner you start, the more beneficial in preparing your body and mind for labour and birth.  However, if you are experiencing nausea and fatigue and especially if the practice of Yoga is new to you, you may prefer to wait to start till after the first trimester.  You can continue your Yoga practice right up to when your baby is due unless your care provider has advised you otherwise.

What do I need to bring to class?

All you need to bring to class is your Yoga mat and your water bottle.  Make sure you wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.  If you don’t have a mat and you are just trying out a class, there are a few mats here at the studio you are welcome to borrow.

How big are the classes?

Classes have up to a maximum of 8 participants.  There does not need to be a minimum number of people attending in order to run the class.

When should I get there for a class?

The front door will open 15 minutes prior to class time.  You can come on in and meet downstairs in the studio.  Please park on the driveway if space allows - street parking is also available.  Aim to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class time to get settled so that we can start on time.

For your first class, please come at least 10 minutes ahead of class time to complete some paper work.

What makes Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga unique?

Our Prenatal Yoga classes offer more than Yoga!  The classes are taught by a Labour and Delivery nurse with more than 35 years of experience working with families across the childbearing spectrum; pregnancy, birth and beyond.  This vast experience and knowledge is shared throughout the Prenatal Yoga classes and will help you feel more supported in your pregnancy, more prepared for your baby's birth and more confident as you transition into motherhood.

How do I register?

Baby's Breath Prenatal Yoga, Baby's Breath Postnatal Yoga, Baby's Breath Mom & Baby Yoga classes and Breastfeeding Education sessions can be booked online here.

To register for Private classes, Prenatal Yoga for Couples, Birth Prep Sessions or a Lactation Consult, please contact me to book.

What is the cancellation policy?

Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga classes / Baby’s Breath Postnatal Yoga classes / Baby's Breath Mom & Baby sessions and Breastfeeding Education sessions are pre-registered and non-refundable. These classes have limited space and pre-registration reserves a space for you in the classes that you have booked.

With at least 24 hours notice, you are able to cancel Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga classes or a Baby’s Breath Postnatal Yoga class and book a replacement class subject to space availability.

The 5 or 10 class pass is valid for 12 months from the time of purchase and can be used for both Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes.