Laura B. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google Review)

I can’t recommend Irena’s prenatal yoga classes enough! I went to my first class at around 28 weeks and wish I had started going sooner. Small classes mean you can really connect with other moms to be and class always starts with a discussion on a topic related to pregnancy, labour, delivery, breastfeeding, etc, which is so helpful. Irena is great at offering modifications during practice so these classes are perfect for everyone, from absolute beginners to regular yogis, no matter how big your bump gets 🙂

Jessica G. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

If it weren’t for Irena I would not have been so in tune with my body or as strong as I was without the knowledge she provided me, during my labour. I went into prenatal yoga to stay active but gained so much more.

Jordan O. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google Review)

Such an amazing experience that words can’t even begin to describe. Irena’s home studio is beyond calming and she has taught me so much more than just Yoga. I look forward to every week I go and what I will take away from each class! This is my first time doing Yoga and this is also my first pregnancy. Irena’s classes and education have really put me at ease and with each week my fears are being subsided. Thank you!!!

Carissa S. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google Review)

I would highly recommend this studio for expectant mothers. Irena has such a calming presence and is very knowledgeable in all things yoga and child birth. You can tell in every one of her classes that this truly is her passion and she wants the best prenatal and birth experience for everyone who comes to the studio.

Kelsey2310 reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google Review)

I am incredibly grateful that I found Irenas Prenatal Yoga class. Her in home studio is beautiful and is a great way to connect with other mom’s to be. Irena is a beautiful person inside and out. Her calming presence and knowledge about yoga, labour/delivery and breastfeeding has been very helpful and comforting for me. She’s added so much brightness and extra excitement to my pregnancy journey!! I highly recommend any of the services she offers!

Ashley H. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Irena is an absolute angel! I feel so grateful to have her as a part of my pregnancy journey. She is full of wisdom, love, light and warmth. That paired with her home studio being so comfortable and welcoming, I always feel so supported, guided, encouraged and inspired when I am in her prenatal yoga classes. I have learned so much about my pregnancy, my body, my mind and my capacity as a mama-to-be through her. Irena’s classes are such an incredible blessing!

Hannah K. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Irena is extremely knowledgeable in prenatal yoga and labour and delivery. She gives you practical advice for your labour while leading you through a gentle practice. I always left feeling empowered and confident, ready for my labour. I have mantras to use during labour and positions to try should my baby not be in the most optimal position.
Irena’s classes are small are personal and you really develop a caring relationship with her. I have and will continue to recommend her classes to any pregnant lady!

Danielle K. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

If you are pregnant go to Irena’s class!! I’m 31 weeks pregnant and have been going since I was about 18 weeks. Will go as long as I possibly can. I believe with her knowledge and positive energy I will have a positive birth story to share!! 10 stars!!! ?

Stacy K. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

I’m so glad that I took Irena’s classes. They really helped me through those later pregnancy pains and left me feeling much more calm and prepared for labour!

Erin B. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Irena has given me a sense of confidence and peace in myself as I get ready to welcome a new baby. Her calm nature and knowledge about all things labour, delivery and yoga are amazing at any point in pregnancy.

Mattea S. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Irena is amazing and attending her class was the highlight of my pregnancy. She teaches the best stretches for pregnancy too!! A+

Andrea T. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Did Irena’s classes for 8 weeks. Her knowledge from being an L&D nurse makes the experience that much better and I trusted her knowledge! She spends the first bit talking about different topics (eg: breastfeeding, vocal toning) and then focuses on poses to help during both pregnancy and labour. Highly recommend her and her classes if you’re expecting!

Claudia A. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Irena’s prenatal yoga class has truly been the highlight of my pregnancy so far. I started going early in my second trimester and was somewhat hesitant as I was a first time yogi and unsure of what to expect. My concerns were quickly put to rest as I entered her calming and peaceful home studio. Irena has a beautifully welcoming and caring energy about her and me feel immediately at ease. I was hooked from day 1. Since then I have been going once a week or every other week and I’m confident that I am gaining the mental and physical tools I need to cope with labour and delivery. She begins each class with a little discussion on a specific labour and delivery topic, sharing the expertise she has gained from being a labour and delivery nurse. After each class I leave feeling more informed, confident, relaxed and at ease about my pregnancy and upcoming delivery. There are times I arrive to class with 1000 things on my mind but with her guidance I have learned to focus on the moment and my breathing. Everything else just falls away. I’m certain these will be valuable skills to have when it comes to giving birth. Finding Irena has been a gift to my pregnancy and I’m so glad I found her. I can’t imagine what my journey would have been without her and this class.
I HIGHLY recommend Irena’s classes to any mama’s to be out there! ?? ?

Kelly F. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google Review)

I came across Irena’s page when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was brand new to yoga, so I didn’t know if it would be for me. I signed up for my first class and was welcomed into her warm, inviting studio. Irena made me feel so comfortable and after the first class, I knew I would continue going. I continued attending the Wednesday evening class and Friday afternoon class throughout my entire pregnancy, until my due date. It was the best decision I made throughout my pregnancy. It became the highlight of every week. Irena is so kind, gentle and welcoming to everyone. At the beginning of every class, Irena prepares us mentally by covering a specific topic about pregnancy and labor. She answers any questions we might have. I feel that Irena’s prenatal yoga, helped to prepare me mentally, emotionally and physically for labor. Through the meditation and breathing techniques, to the strengthening of my body and muscles, I felt very prepared to give birth for the first time. She has a way of helping to calm the mind and to focus on the moment. I gave birth a week ago and I was able to put all of the techniques I learned into practice. The breathing techniques helped to get me through the contractions. My mental focus allowed me to focus on what I was doing in that moment, and helped me to not become overwhelmed. The physical strength that I gained helped me to be able to get into different positions during labor and through the pushing stage. My delivery was very quick and I pushed for only 30 minutes. Baby was born healthy, with no interventions. I was lucky that Irena was working at the hospital the day my baby was born and she came to meet my baby. Her presence really brightens the room! Irena is also a lactation consultant and has helped me with my breastfeeding journey. My husband and I had a personal session with her before baby was born, which we both found extremely helpful. Irena has been available to answer any questions I have now that baby is born, and has given me useful tips to try. My baby is now breastfeeding and I am becoming more comfortable and confident with the journey each day. I recommend Irena’s prenatal yoga class to everyone! It is an amazing experience!

Danielle L. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google Review)

I cannot say enough amazing things about Irena and baby’s breath yoga! It has been invaluable in my pregnancy journey! Her classes always start out with very useful conversations about pregnancy, birth and labour or mommy self health topics! It has been a place where I could connect with other moms-to-be earlier on in my pregnancy and feel like I am part of a very supportive community. The yoga portion has allowed me to carve out time during the busy week to feel Centred and connect with my baby. I now have useful positions and techniques to help during labour! Thank you so much Irena! I can not recommend your yoga classes enough!!

Kate G. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

I love attending Irena’s prenatal classes. I always leave class feeling amazing and she gives so many tips about labour and delivery! She provides a calm, open space and builds confidence leading up to the big day. She takes the time to get to know everyone who attends her classes and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend signing up for her class, it has been my oasis every week!

Kristin T. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Irena makes you feel so welcome as soon as you enter her class! They are small and intimate classes where you get a wonderful yoga experience while expecting! I would recommend her classes to any expecting mothers ! No matter what stage of pregnancy she makes sure everyone is comfortable and gets what they are looking for out of the class!

Genelle B-F. reviewed IMSTAMYOGA – Lactation Consultation – 5 Star (Google review)

Irena’s lactation support truly saved my breastfeeding journey! When I contacted her, I was really struggling with positioning and latch, and felt like I had tried everything. Like an angel, she came in and not only helped me find a comfortable latch, but gave me the confidence and support that I needed to keep going. Finding her was truly a blessing! Thanks again, Irena!

Meaghan B. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google review)

Irena is a calm and caring teacher which is especially helpful when enduring the stresses of pregnancy. Her experience as a labour & delivery nurse melds perfectly with her prenatal yoga classes. She is a font of tranquility and useful tips for labour & birth. The yoga space in her home has a wonderful energy and is equipped with all the yoga supports required for a pregnant body (eg. Blocks, bolsters, towels, mats).

Nicole T. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google review)

Irena has been an amazing addition to my pregnancy. The prenatal classes are amazing, and have made me feel so healthy and centered while experiencing so many changes!  My husband and I did a private couples yoga class, and had a wonderful time. She did a great job of listening to and answering all of our questions, as well as made my husband feel that he is a huge part of this process!!  Irena’s labour and delivery nursing experience makes the time spent with her that much better.  Fingers crossed she is on shift when our little baby comes!!

Shafeena P. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga – 5 Star (Google review)

Irena’s yoga class has been one of the highlights of my pregnancy! She has helped me to connect spiritually with my little one as we venture through all the other stages of pregnancy. Her studio is very welcoming, tranquil and has all the necessary equipment so you don’t have to go buy anything or have any previous experience. As an instructor, she is beautiful in the way she delivers her class, her words are very encouraging and empowering. I also absolutely LOVED our couples yoga as it helped my husband and I connect to our upcoming baby and labor. I recommend her over and over to anyone interested in yoga!!

Paula A. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga 5 star (Google review)

This is a beautiful Calgary SE home studio. It is comforting to know that Irena is also a Labour & Delivery Nurse. She has a confident caring manner, and offers classes that are gentle, supportive and appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. The cost is also very reasonable compared to other commercial studios. I would recommend Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga to other moms! Thank you Irena.

Ashleigh B. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

I absolutely loved my prenatal yoga with Irena, she is so knowledgeable and attentive to each student because of the small class sizes. My breathing 100% made my labor easier and more efficient when pushing!

Chelsea A. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

I highly recommend Irena’s prenatal yoga classes. I did two private classes in the week before I was due and it’s the best prep I could have done. She helped me breath, move the baby into my pelvis, and mentally prepare for labour. She is so unbelievable knowledgeable and calming.

Andrea R. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star
Did Irena’s classes for 8 weeks. Her knowledge from being an L&D nurse makes the experience that much better and I trusted her knowledge! She spends the first bit talking about different topics (eg: breastfeeding, vocal toning) and then focuses on poses to help during both pregnancy and labour. Highly recommend her and her classes if you’re expecting!

Priscilla R. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

Would highly recommend Irena Prenatal class to any expecting mothers. She genuinely cares, takes the time in class to answer any questions. Her knowledge and experience that she shares has been a great key to my pregnancy journey.

Erin G. reviewed Gentle Flow Yoga 5 star

Irena’s space is calm and inviting, she is passionate about yoga and a wonderful instructor. I was able to get into poses I haven’t tried in a long time with her suggestions!

Kayla B. reviewed Gentle Flow Yoga 5 star

Highly recommend checking out Irena’s yoga classes. Her teaching style is perfect as is her practice space.

Jamie C. reviewed Baby’s Breath Prenatal Yoga5 star

I recently attended Irena’s classes and I cannot recommend her enough! I have no yoga experience but that didn’t matter at all. Irena talked me through every step and explained what positions and breathing techniques could help during labour. I left the classes feeling totally relaxed, calm and with a greater knowledge of what my body is capable of!